The Reason Why We Get Dark Circles

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Are you troubled with the dark circles? Do you know why people can get dark circles? Only to find the reasons we can treat dark circles at the source itself.

First, if people overtired like stay up and lack of rest, it will be easy to get dark circles for people. That because the eyelids cannot have rest and usually in a state of tension contraction during this time. Therefore the blood in the eyelids will be prolonged increased and cause the congestion of vein. It will remain the dark appearance.

The best way to help people who got dark circles because of this reason is to adapt the time and have enough sleep and relax for people.

Second, if people cannot balance the nourishment well, it will affect people directly and usually express on the face, such as pale face and dark eyes. At this time people should pay attention on the nutrition balance.

Third, if the skin of people always in the state of lacking water, it will dry the epidermal cells and, consequently, looks dull. So remember to persistently replenish nutriment and abundant aqua for skin (Add some gentle massages to make them percolate into skin will better).

Forth, it has been confirmed that bad mood will make the skin become worse. Bad mood will affect sleep and this will indirectly form the dark eyes. Therefore, keep good emotional is necessary for people.

Fifth, some deep colors cosmetics which are frequently used by people may penetrate into the eyelids and present dark circles later. So people should pay attention on choosing cosmetics. A good quality cosmetic will be ok.

Sixth, the physical cause we should not neglect. When women pregnancy and menstruation, the hormonal in the bodies will change lot, thereby easy to deposit pigment and may cause dark circles.

Seventh, some diseases may also cause dark circles, like rhinitis, asthma or allergy, because they will lead the congestion of blood around the eye.

After the formation of dark circles, people should prescribe the right remedy for the case, and consult doctor to find out the causation and treat it timely.

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The Reason Why We Get Dark Circles

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The Reason Why We Get Dark Circles

This article was published on 2011/06/11